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Momoiro Clover Z holds a live event for kids at a zoo

May 7, 2013 @ 6:05 am
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On May 5th, which is 'children's day' in Japan, 5-member idol group Momoiro Clover Z held a live event "Momoclo Kodomo Matsuri 2013 ~Mamore! Minna no Tobu Zoo Tatakae! Momoiro Animal Z~" at Tobu zoo in Saitama.

This event was limited for children and their parents, and the members appeared as animal themed heroes "Doubutsu Senshi Momoiro Animal Z". Since they also held an event for children on the same day last year, this is the second "kids festival" by Momoclo.

The show segment of the event depicted a storyline in which the members rose up to protect the Tobu zoo from cockroaches,"Black Cockroach Corps", that invade to root out the cute things in this world, and comedy trio Tokyo 03's Iizuka Satoshi, and comedy duo Dangan Jacky's Orakio also made appearances.

During the live segment, Sato Hiromichi and Taniguchi Kunihiro appeared as special guests, and together with "Teletama-kun", TV Saitama's mascot character, and the kids at the venue, they all enjoyed performing "Teletama-kun no Uta".

"Momoiro Animal Z" performed 7 songs including an encore.

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Source & Image: MANTAN WEB

Thanks to eyeless for the tip!


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