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Nakagawa Shoko releases new visuals for upcoming single

May 10, 2013 @ 9:03 am
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Nakagawa Shoko has released the latest visuals to coincide with her new single, "Zoku Konton".

Nakagawa's 16th single is scheduled for release on June 5th. The title track, "Zoku Konton", is a dark, rock number that was written by Iwasato Yuho and composed by Shiraishi Satori, while the guitar is played by ROLLY.

The single's artwork has the theme "chaos", and it features Nakagawa wrapped in a black ribbon. In the PV, Nakagawa can be seen going back and forth between human and beast.

Check out her new visuals below!

[gallery link="file"]

Source & Photos: natalie


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