Spitz's "Boku wa Kitto Tabi ni Deru" chosen as the campaign song for 'JTB'

May 8, 2013 @ 2:21 am
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It's been revealed that Spitz's new song, "Boku wa Kitto Tabi ni Deru", has been chosen as the campaign song for JTB's new CM, 'JTB no Natsu Tabi', starring actress Takei Emi.

"Boku wa Kitto Tabi ni Deru" is one of the title tracks off of Spitz's new single, "Sara Sara / Boku wa Kitto Tabi ni Deru",that's scheduled for release on May 15th. This song will be used in the CMs ''OLI'OLI Sky Wave' and ''OLI'OLI Walker' which features the hot spots of Hawaii.

During a CM presentation event on May 7th, Takei Emi heard the song and commented, "I really like the pleasant rhythm." The song will also be available for download through music distributing sites on May 15th.

Source: natalie


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