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Yuzu's new song to be used in NHK's 'Minna no Uta'

May 17, 2013 @ 1:30 am
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Yuzu's new song, "Tomo ~Tabidachi no Toki~", will be used in NHK's 'Minna no Uta' from August to September.

"Tomo ~Tabidachi no Toki~" is a ballad number that was written by Kitagawa Yujin as the song for the junior high school division for 'The Nationwide Contest of Music sponsored by NHK'. This is the first time Yuzu's song will be used in 'Minna no Uta'.

In related news, on May 26th from 1:05 pm, NHK Sougou will air its special program, 'Tomo ~Tabidachi no Toki~ Yuzu Kara Chuugakusei e no Message'. Yuzu will be joined by a choir to sing their new song, "Tomo ~Tabidachi no Toki~".

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