KinKi Kids' Domoto Tsuyoshi to team up with Fukuda Yuichi once again for a new horror comedy drama

June 7, 2013 @ 6:15 am
by Shiso
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KinKi KidsDomoto Tsuyoshi will star in a new TBS drama "Tenma-san ga Yuku" that will begin airing in July. This will be the first time in about four years for Domoto to star in a drama, and he'll be teaming up with Fukuda Yuichi (Kodomo Keisatsu", "Ore wa Mada Honki Dashitenai dake") who has worked with Domoto previously in "33pun Tantei" series.

"Tenma-san ga Yuku" is a horror comedy written and directed by Fukuda himself. The protagonist "Tenma" (Domoto), who has a hereditary ability to get in contact with ghosts, is the second president of a company to rid ghosts, however, contrary to his ability, he is a big coward. Since Tenma has no guts to exterminate the ghosts, he solves the ghost extermination requests by listening to what the ghosts say then tries to dispel their regrets or persuades them softly.

Other cast members include Kawaguchi Haruna (as the female employee at Tenma's company), Minagawa Sarutoki (as the head clerk at Tenma's company), Serina (as Tenma's neighbor who runs after him), Sato Jiro (as Tenma's deceased father who appears in his dream), and Morisaki Hiroyuki (as a detective who snoops around Tenma).

Not only starring in the drama, Domoto will also sing the theme song which he created after receiving a request from Fukuda. Moreover, he is also in charge of the opening instrumental song for the drama.

"Tenma-san ga Yuku" will be aired on TBS' drama NEO time slot starting in July (every Monday at 12:28 am).

Source: Oricon 
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· Posted June 7, 2013 @ 1:28 pm

Waaay excited about this  Loved 33 Minute Detective and Tsu's always fun to watch. Summer is looking like it will be full of goodies, this only makes it better. 

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