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Southern All Stars to resume their activities after 5-year hiatus

June 26, 2013 @ 12:53 am
by ustar
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Southern All Stars, who celebrated their 35th anniversary on June 25th, has announced that they will be resuming their activities after a 5-year hiatus. The band will release their new single, "Peace to Highlight", on August 7th, and will also hold an outdoor stadium tour. 

Southern All Stars went on an indefinite hiatus back in August of 2008 after their 4-day concert, "Southern All Stars 'Manatsu no Daikanshasai' 30 Shunen Kinen LIVE", at Nissan Stadium. Taking their 35th anniversary as an opportunity, the 5 members looked back at the recent changing of times, the Tohoku Earthquake, and Kuwata Keisuke's (Vo) illness over the past 5 years, and decided to get back together. 

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"Peace to Highlight" marks the band's 54th single and also their last single since "I AM YOUR SINGER" was released in August of 2008. It will be released in 3 different types: Complete Production Edition (CD+Special Goods), Regular Edition (CD-Only), and an Analog Edition (with sticker sheet). 

The song is available for download via their official website and will also be used in the CM for Volkswagen's 'New Golf' which feature the members themselves. 

The tour will kick off at Nissan Stadium, where the band promised 5 years ago, "We want to meet everyone here again. We will temporarily leave our name with everyone, so please hold onto it until the day we come back, the day we meet again." In late-August, the band will make a stop at their hometown of Chigasaki where they last held a live in 2000. They will also prepare a live viewing of this concert for their fans. 

The tour is said to pull in about 350,000 people. Their last tour was "SOUTHERN ALL STARS Live Tour 2005 Minna ga Suki desu!" in 2005 and their last outdoor tour was "'Sasuga (SAS ga) da Manatsu Tour! Aaa! Nama. Daga SAS!' ~Carnival Deru Baniika!?~" in 2003. 

The tour dates can be seen below.


<Southern All Stars Outdoors Stadium Tour (Title Undecided)>

Saturday, August 10th - Nissan Stadium (Kanagawa)
Sunday, August 11th - Nissan Stadium (Kanagawa)
Saturday, August 17th - Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium (Hyogo)
Sunday, August 18th - Kobe Unversiade Memorial Stadium (Hyogo)
Saturday, August 31st - Chigasaki Park Baseball Stadium (Kanagawa)
Sunday, September 1st - Chigasaki Park Baseball Stadium (Kanagawa)
Saturday, September 7th - Toyota Stadium (Aichi)
Sunday, September 8th - Toyota Stadium (Aichi)
Sunday, September 22nd - Miyagi Sogo Athletic Park Miyagi Stadium (Miyagi)


Source & Image: natalie


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· Posted June 26, 2013 @ 5:16 am

woahhh OKAERINASAIMASE SAS! honto ni hisashi buri desu ne.  looking forward!


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· Posted June 26, 2013 @ 1:31 am

 holy crap. best news ever.

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