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Akanishi Jin to release a new single in October

August 31, 2013 @ 4:13 pm
by ustar
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It's been revealed that Akanishi Jin's new single "Ainaru Hou e" will be released on October 2.

On August 31, Akanishi made a secret guest appearance during the ending of 'TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2013 AUTUMN / WINTER' at Saitama Super Arena. While walking the runway, he performed his comeback single "HEY WHAT'S UP?" which was chosen as the official theme song for the event. After the performance, he held an interview with the press and announced the release of his new single "Ainaru Hou e".

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The title track is written, composed, and produced by Akanishi himself. In association with the title, reporters asked him, "Do you often feel love?", to which Akanishi replied, "I always feel love when I'm with my family and friends." He also explained that he made a "support song" that sings "to come in the direction where love sounds".

The single will be available in 3 different versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition. Limited Edition A will come with a DVD containing the video clip and making for "Ainaru Hou e", while Limited Edition B will enclose a special photo book. All versions will include a coupling track called "Forever", and the Regular Edition will come with another track called "One Last Time".

This marked Akanishi's first appearance in front of the media after making his comeback. He laughed shyly and said, "I get nervous at press conferences. I can't get used to it no matter how many times I hold it." He also commented on his lifestyle during his hiatus from March of last year to this August, "I was making music the entire time, so I also want to release an album soon."

[Limited Edition A]

01. Ainaru Hou e
02. Forever
03. Ainaru Hou e (Instrumental)
04. Forever (Instrumental)

01. Ainaru Hou e (Music Video)
02. Ainaru Hou e (Making)


[Limited Edition B]

01. Ainaru Hou e
02. Forever
03. Ainaru Hou e (Instrumental)
04. Forever (Instrumental)

Special Photo Book


[Regular Edition]

01. Ainaru Hou e
02. Forever
03. One Last Time
04. Ainaru Hou e (Instrumental)
05. Forever (Instrumental)
06. One Last Time (Instrumental)

Source & Image: natalie


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