Ishihara Satomi & Matsuzaka Tori co-star in new docomo CM

August 1, 2013 @ 3:48 am
by HPriest
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Actress Ishihara Satomi and actor Matsuzaka Tori have worked together for the first time for the new NTT docomo CMs that advertise the company's new mobile distribution service 'd-hits'.

The new series features a total of three CMs titled "Tears", "Summer Memories", and "Night Stroll" with Ishihara playing a smartphone user and Matsuzaka playing the smartphone itself. In "Tears", Ishihara lies on her bed with her phone Matsuzaka and thinks about her unrequited love while listening to Amuro Namie's "Love Story".

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"Summer Memories" features BUMP OF CHICKEN's song "Tentai Kansoku". Ishihara is trying to overcome a past incident that she still can't seem to forget, while listening to her unforgettable song from the summer. In the third CM, Ishihara is the most out of character and plays a cool two-faced woman. The background song for "Night Stroll" is "TITANIC VANDALISM" by the British band THE Go! Team.

'd-hits' features the most popular songs from docomo's 'd-music' service that can be listened to as often as you want for a monthly fee of just 313 (~$3.20). For the month of August, the service will run a "Special Artist 100" campaign. The new CMs will also start airing on August 1.

Check out the CMs and the making-of above and below!

Summer Memories

Night Stroll


Source: Mantan-Web


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