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Posted by ustar TH STAFF Monday, August 26, 2013

AKB48 holds Itano Tomomi's graduation ceremony

AKB48, Itano Tomomi

On August 25, AKB48 member Itano Tomomi held her graduation ceremony during 'AKB48 2013 Manatsu no Dome Tour ~Mada Mada, Yaranakyaikenai Koto ga Aru~' at the Tokyo Dome.�

This day was AKB48's last Tokyo Dome concert of the tour. The concert opened with Itano's solo debut song "Dear J".�There was also a performance of "Flying Get" with Itano as center as well as her other songs such as "Faint" and "1%". During the second half of the concert, she performed "Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?" with fellow 1st generation members Takahashi Minami, Minegishi Minami, and Kojima Haruna.�

Itano reflected on the past 8 years saying, "When I was around 14 years old, I used to cry a lot. But AKB48 has taught me that no matter how small I am and no matter how dark it is ahead, if you do your best step by step, you will get closer to your dreams. I was always able to see the same scene because the friends I love were always beside me, crying and laughing together."�

After the concert ended, Itano received a "Tomochin" call from the crowd and appeared on stage wearing a pink dress. She greeted, "I'm sad that I will be alone, that I will part with the members. But my dream continues from here on. I want to take a step forward while holding on to the things AKB48 has taught me. To everyone who have supported me during the 8 years, thank you very much." Finally, she sang her graduation song "Saigo no Door" with the senbatsu members.�

During the second encore, Itano appeared in a metallic dress and performed "Dear J" with 40 dancers. Then, graduated members Maeda Atsuko and Shinoda Mariko made a surprise appearance on stage. Shinoda said, "I lied that I wasn't coming today," and Maeda added, "I made it on time so I came." In tears, Itano expressed, "I'm a 1st generation member, so I have memories with members of the same generation. I wanted to graduate when Atsuko and Mariko were still here. I am very happy that they came and that I am able to graduate in front of them."�

Itano was born on July 3, 1991 in Kanagawa. She became AKB48's first generation member in 2005 and belongs to Team K. In 2011, she became the first member to solo debut with "Dear J". Her graduation was announced in the documentary movie 'DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48 NO FLOWER WITHOUT RAIN Shoujo Tachi wa Namida no Ato ni Nani wo Miru?' back in February. She will officially graduate from the group after their concert on the 27th at AKB48 Theater in Akihabara.�

Source: Mantan Web 1, 2
Images: natalie

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