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Posted by hayashi_natsumi0 pt Friday, January 17, 2014

Hospital protests against airing of Ashida Mana's new drama

Ashida Mana

Jikei Hospital in Kumamoto City has requested for Ashida Mana (9)'s new NTV drama "Ashita, Mama ga Inai", which began airing on January 15 (Wednesdays 10pm), to be removed from broadcast, accusing the drama of "portraying children and social workers in orphanages incorrectly, infringing upon human rights".�

The drama is centered upon a group of children who live in an orphanage and how they seek maternal love among the adults who look after them.�

The drama features not only Ashida, but also fellow child actress Suzuki Rio (8), who rose to fame in the NHK Taiga drama "Yae no Sakura".�

Jikei Hospital is the only hospital in Japan that allows parents to leave their children behind anonymously in a service known as "Kounotori no yurikago" or "Baby Post" in Japan.�

Ashida's character, a child who was abandoned at a Baby Post, is called "Post" in the drama. Jikei Hospital criticizes this as a form of "psychological torture and a violation of human rights."�

The hospital also complained that the "descriptions of how the workers verbally violate the children and force them to cry are far from the truth. This is misleading and causes unnecessary bigotry."�

The allegations referred to the owner of the orphanage, portrayed by actor Mikami Hiroshi, whose scenes included lines such as, "If you cry you get to eat" and "You are like dogs in a pet shop."�

Source:�Nikkan Sports
Image: NTV

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