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Sakamoto Miu to release her first album in a year and 7 months

January 30, 2014 @ 12:18 am
by ustar
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Sakamoto Miu will release her new album "Waving Flags" on March 5th.

This will mark Sakamoto's first original album release in about a year and 7 months. It will be produced by Hasunuma Shuta, and there will be participation from various artists such as the members of Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra, Murata Shige (???), Ito Daichi (SAKEROCK), Gondo Tomohiko (pupa), Todaka Masafumi (ART-SCHOOL), and Tamaki ROY

Among the included 11 songs on the album are "Pierrot" provided by Nariyama Tsuyoshi (sleepy.ab) and a cover of illion's song "HIRUNO HOSHI" and ???'s song "Otogibanashi". 

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[Waving Flags]

01. Door 
02. Q & A?
03. Pierrot
04. HIRUNO HOSHI (illion cover)
05. welcome to the village! 
07. =
08. your name is magic word
09. Otogibanashi (??? cover)
10. Waving Flags
11. Yakusoku

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