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Sexy Zone reveal details on new album 'Sexy Second'

January 16, 2014 @ 12:07 pm
by ustar
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Sexy Zone has revealed the details on their 2nd album "Sexy Second" which will be released on February 19th.

"Sexy Second" will be the group's first album since releasing "one Sexy Zone" about a year and 3 months ago. The track list will consist of a total of 14 songs including their singles "Real Sexy!", "BAD BOYS", "Bye Bye Du Bye~See you again~", and "A MY GIRL FRIEND", as well as "We Gotta Go", "Congratulations", and "Soba ni Iru yo",which are new songs that they've performedduring the stage performance 'JOHNNYS' 2020 WORLD'.

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The album will be released in 4 different versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Regular Edition, andLoppi?HMV Limited Edition. Each version will come with a different jacket cover design. Along with the bonus track "Watashi no Okite",Limited Editions A and B will come with a DVD and photo book. Meanwhile, the Loppi?HMV Limited Edition will enclose an original scarf towel.

[Sexy Second]
01. Sexy Second?Introduction?
02. We Gotta Go
03. Butsukacchauyo
04. 4 Seasons
06. Ghost ~Kimi wa Maboroshi~
07. Congratulations
08. Bye Bye Du Bye~See you again~
09. Shout!!
10. Soba ni Iru yo
11. Be Free
12. Real Sexy!
13. Doki Doki Break Out!!
Limited Edition Bonus Track:
?Watashi no Okite

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