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Tsuchiya Anna to release mini-album on her birthday

February 13, 2014 @ 1:12 pm
by ustar
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Tsuchiya Anna will release a new mini-album titled "Sugar Palm" on her birthday, March 11.

The mini-album will feature songs that she's only performed at lives such as "UP TO YOU" and "Melt Into Blue", as well as a new song called "Sugar Palm". As the bonus tracks, it will include 4 songs from her recording live at ABS RECORDING Studio in Tokyo.

Furthermore, the DVD will contain live footage from her concert that she held in December of 2012 at Blue Note Tokyo.

The sugar palm is the birth fruit of March 11. In fruit language, the sugar palm represents "freedom" and "peace". The jacket cover has a spring-like feel as it features the singer surrounded by bright flowers. 

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Furthermore, Tsuchiya will hold an unplugged live at Blue Note Tokyo and Billboard Live OSAKA on March 11 and 13 respectively.   

[Sugar Palm]

?Sugar Palm
?Melt Into Blue
?Bonus Track (Limited Invitation Live at ABS RECORDING HALL 2012.09.22)?
?Brave Vibration

Anna Tsuchiya LIVE at Blue Note TOKYO 2012.12.27
?Melt Into Blue
?Ave Maria

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· Posted February 13, 2014 @ 9:30 pm

oh cool!!

one month away!!

The End