Drama 'Kazoku Game' tops TV Life's '2013 Drama Awards'

March 4, 2014 @ 3:03 am
by hayashi_natsumi
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Gakken Publishing has released the results for "the 23rd Annual Drama Awards 2013". Voting for the award was conducted through the January issue of its magazine "TV LIFE" as well as through its website.

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Fuji TV drama "Kazoku Game" was awarded the 'Best Drama Award', beating out other popular dramas in 2013 such as NHK's "Amachan" and TBS's "Hanzawa Naoki".

The drama tells the story of eccentric tutor Yoshimoto Koya whose mysterious and often violent actions causes radical changes to those around him. The protagonist was played by Arashi's Sakurai Sho, who was also awarded the 'Best Lead Actor Award'. He commented that, "A lot of Yoshimoto's lines were the words I could only say in the drama. It was fun to think of how to compose each scene."

On the other hand, "Amachan"s lead actress Nounen Rena took home the 'Best Lead Actress Award' as well as the 'Best Newcomer Award'. The 'Best Supporting Actor Award'went to Kamiki Ryunosuke, while the 'Best Supporting Actress Award' went to Suzuki Honami. Meanwhile, the 'Best Theme Song Award' went to Arashi's "Endless Game". With this, "Kazoku Game" swept the drama awards. Interviews of the award winners have been published in the February 26th issue of TV LIFE.
Image: Fuji TV


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Will watch these dramas. Thanks for info!!

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