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Posted by hayashi_natsumi0 pt Friday, July 18, 2014

SMAP goes bald for FNS's 27-Hour TV

SMAP, Nakai Masahiro, Kimura Takuya, Katori Shingo, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi

The poster and CM for Fuji TV's upcoming special program "FNS no Hi 27-Hour TV" (July 26 6pm onwards) has revealed the program's main personality, SMAP, completely bald. ?

This is the first time the quintet are hosting a program together. However, they did not actually shave their heads. The bald look was created with special makeup that took about 1.5 hours to complete. According to SMAP, they want to show that, "SMAP and Fuji TV have returned to where they began to deliver entertainment to fans." Member Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (40) added, "It feels like we are going head-on for a fight. SMAP members are all cool, so it looks good on us.

Except for member Nakai Masahiro (41) who shaved his head for the 2008 movie "Watashi wa Kai ni Naritai" ("I Want to Be a Shellfish"), this is the first time for the other members to appear without hair. This is very unusual for idols, especially for members Inagaki Goro (40) and Kimura Takuya (41) who are best known for their long-haired looks. Kimura commented contently that, "Knowing that they put so much effort just to make the CM for the 27-hour TV, I'm all geared up now."

The CM, featuring the slogan "TV is our weapon", was directed by maverick director Nakashima Tetsuya (54), who is famous for the movie 'Confessions'. SMAP members turn into superhero "Televiman" and ask the viewers, "What is your weapon?" Furthermore, the poster was photographed by world-reknowned photographer Kurigami Kazumi (78). 

For the actual program, there will be a drama featuring all members of SMAP as well as segments featuring Tamori (68). Member Katori Shingo commented, "Let's enjoy 27 hours together!"


Source: Sports Hochi
Image: Fuji TV

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