AKB48 is looking for part-timers, pays 1000 yen an hour!

August 12, 2014 @ 2:44 am
by hayashi_natsumi
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Recruitment site "Baitoru" has a new job posting from none other than popular idol group AKB48

"Baito AKB" is searching for a part-time member to join the group's ranks as part of a collaboration between AKB48 and Baitoru. The part-time member will be paid 1000 yen an hour, and her duties will include performing at concerts, attending handshake events, and appearing on TV and in commercials. 

This new 'job opening' was announced at the "Baitoru AKB48 Special Live ~ Baitoru no Hi Natsu Matsuri ~" on August 10. It was also announced through the new Baitoru CM "Baito AKB Recruitment Notice" revealed on August 11. AKB48 members, aside from the new 'Kami 7' (Watanabe Mayu, Sashihara Rino, Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Yamamoto Sayaka, Shimazaki Haruka) who appeared in the CM, were not aware of this new job opening. 

Below are the details on "Baito AKB":

Hourly Wage: 1000 yen

Company: AKS Agency (which manages the AKB48 groups)

Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (nearest train station: Akihabara), Others

Hours: 7:00AM~9:00PM (adhering to labor laws)

Period: Until end of February, 2015. Contract renewable for  3 months after
Other benefits: Insurance, transportation allowance, costumes, food allowance provided. 
Qualifications: No experience required. Female above middle school who does not belong to any talent agency
How to apply: Via web forms or by mail
Application period: 8/10/2014~9/10/2014 (midnight)
Application process: 1 elimination round (application), 1 interview (audition), final round (audition)

Announcement: end of September 2014 (tentative)

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Source & Image: Cinema Today


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· Posted August 18, 2014 @ 6:26 pm

Part time idols?... Sounds catchy!


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· Posted August 13, 2014 @ 11:56 pm

Ridiculous. If the girl does well and gets even a bit famous, she should get better pay.

· Posted August 14, 2014 @ 10:34 am
Meh its the same pay as any seasonal position at a minimum wage job. Actually a little better, only a little bit though. Its about in line with how much they get paid in general for the less popular members who pretty much only appear at the theater. Something like 2000+ yen for members base pay. The more popular members make their money from ads and tv apperences and what not since it goes to them/their managers and not the AKB owned side. From what I hear they don't even get a direct cut of single/album/concert sales. Same with K-pop though.
· Posted August 14, 2014 @ 4:25 pm
@valkerionseven This I did not know. Wow. I guess the AKB bosses make a killing then. I thought that even the least popular full time members who were frontline-ish, got at least 15k-50k/yr. I thought that was why I thought middling members that didn't "make it," stayed a few years. So they could save a nestegg before retiring to a regular life. With 30-50K you could get a nest egg before you became an adult and you'd be set (sort of) even if you didn't "make it." Wow. Now I'm even angrier at management. This is borderline exploitation then :(
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