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Not yet to release live DVD/Blu-ray

August 18, 2014 @ 2:41 pm
by ustar
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It's been revealed that AKB48 sub-unit Not yet will release a live DVD/Blu-ray titled "Not yet 'already' 2014.5.10 1st LIVE" on October 15.

The DVD/Blu-ray will feature the live concert that Not yet held to commemorate the release of their first album "already". Over 10,000 fans gathered at Ariake Coliseum in May to celebrate its release. It will include all songs performed during the live, as well as the MC segments. Additionally, it will come with a making footage and a performance of "Shuumatsu Not yet" from 'AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2011' when the group was first formed.

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[Blu-ray cover]

[DVD cover]

[Track List]

01. Not yet Overture
02. Sekai no Kaze wo Bokura wa Ukete
03. Hiri Hiri no Hana
04. Suika BABY
05. Mikata
06. Shuumatsu Not yet
07. Bakuhatsu Professor
08. Bokutachi no Offshore
09. guilty love
10. Sunao ni Naritai
11. Hug Tomo
12. Pera Pera Perao
13. Hira Hira
14. Vermeer no Tegami
15. Uminari yo
16. May
17. Mienai Sora wa Itsudemo Aoi
18. Warau ga Ii
19. Naminori Kakigoori
20. Moshimo?Te wo Tsunaideitara
21. Tsugi no Pierce
22. Arekara Earl Grey wo Nondenai
23. Sekai no Kaze wo Bokura wa Ukete
24. Already

Special Footage:
?LIVE Making Footage
?Not yet 2011.1.21

Source & Image(s): natalie


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