Nogizaka46's Ito Nene, Research Students Yada Risako & Yonetoku Kyoka to graduate from the group

September 12, 2014 @ 3:36 pm
by ustar
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Nogizaka46 has announced that 1st generation member Ito Nene, and Research Students Yada Risako and Yonetoku Kyoka will be graduating from the group.

Ito, who has been with the group since they first formed, explained, "During my activities, I was able to make my dream job come true, and I found what I want to do next. These two were the biggest deciding factors." She will part ways with the group after concluding handshake events for their 9th single "Natsu no Free&Easy", and participating in under live which will begin on October 5 and end on October 19.

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As for Yada and Yonetoku, they will withdraw from the group after their individual handshake event scheduled for October 18. They will not be participating in the under live which will run from October 5 to 19.

Ito joined Nogizaka46 as its 1st generation member in August of 2011. She was one of the senbatsu members for their 5th single "Kimi no Na wa Kibou" (March 2013) and she played the heroine in the movie 'Sugisawa-mura Densetsu' (2014). Meanwhile, Yada and Yonetoku started their activities as 2nd generation members in spring of 2013. They participated in lives as research students.

Source & Image: natalie


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