Arakawa Shizuka gives birth to her first child

November 12, 2014 @ 3:21 am
by ustar
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Professional figure skater Arakawa Shizuka (32) has given birth to her first child.

According to an announcement released by her agency, Arakawa gave birth to a 2,860 gram (6 lb 5 oz) baby girl on November 6. Both mother and child are in healthy condition. 

While the baby was born before her due date, Arakawa expressed her joy of becoming a mother, "From this first experience, there were times when I felt joy and anticipation, and there  were also times when I felt anxiety and confusion, but when our newborn child grasped my hand tightly, I felt relief and emotions that can't be put into words."

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She continued, "As a supporter of my daughter, who just started her new life, I hope to learn many things from her in order to understand her more while facing her with love as a mother.

Arakawa married a non-celebrity man in December of last year. She revealed that she was 3-months pregnant in April of this year. 



Source & Image: Oricon


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