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Arashi & 'Yokai Watch' to collaborate for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen'

December 23, 2014 @ 2:35 am
by ustar
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It's been revealed that 'The 65th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen' will feature a collaboration between Arashi and popular game/anime 'Yokai Watch'.

There will be a special corner within the program in whichKing Cream SodaandDream5, as well as theanime's characters 'Jibanyan', 'Fuyunyan', and 'Whisper' will take the stage with other performers. In that corner, the characters of 'Yokai Watch' will perform Arashi's debut song "A?RA?SHI" in their own special version.

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'The 65th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen' willbroadcast on December 31 for 4.5 hours from 7:15 pm to 11:45 pm. This year's theme is:"Utaou. Oomisoka wa Zenin Saka de!" which translates to "Let's sing. Everyone participate on New Year's Eve!" ActressYoshitaka Yurikoand Arashiwill be the hosts for the red and white teams respectively.

Arashi member Ohno Satoshi commented, "I've played non-human roles in the past, but I never imagined collaborating with monsters as Arashi. Who knew that this year's theme of 'Everyone participate' meant that!! Once again, I felt the power of this national program called 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' that overcomes the barrier between human and monsters."

Source & Image: Oricon


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