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Hamasaki Ayumi to hold an arena tour starting in April

January 2, 2015 @ 12:11 pm
by ustar
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Hamasaki Ayumi will start her arena tour 'ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2015 A Cirque de Minuit ~Mayonaka no Circus~' in April.

Hamasaki just wrapped up her live event 'ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015 A Cirque de Minuit ~Mayonaka no Circus~' which was held from December 29 to 31. The upcoming tour will host a total of 18 shows in 9 locations. 

Ticket pre-reservations will be available through her official fan club 'TeamAyu' beginning sometime this month. More details will be revealed later.

Furthermore, Hamasaki will release her classical album "LOVE CLASSICS" on January 28. It will include mashups between her already released love songs and famous classical pieces.

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[ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2015 A Cirque de Minuit ~Mayonaka no Circus~]

Saturday, April 11 - Saitana Super Arena (Saitama)
Sunday, April 12 - Saitama Super Arena (Saitama)
Saturday, April 18 - Sun Dome Fukui (Fukui)
Sunday, April 19 - Sun Dome Fukui (Fukui)
Saturday, April 25 - Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka)
Sunday, April 26 - Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka)
Saturday, May 2 - Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka)
Sunday, May 3 - Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka)
Saturday, May 9 - Sekisui Heim Super Arena (Miyagi)
Sunday, May 10 - Sekisui Heim Super Arena (Miyagi)
Saturday, May 16 - Nippon Gaishi Hall (Aichi)
Sunday, May 17 - Nippon Gaishi Hall (Aichi)
Saturday, May 23 - World Memorial Hall (Hyogo)
Sunday, May 24 - World Memorial Hall (Hyogo)
Saturday, May 30 - Ecopa Arena (Shizuoka)
Sunday, May 31 - Ecopa Arena (Shizuoka)
Saturday, June 6 - Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Tokyo)
Sunday, June 7 - Yoyogi National Gymnasium (Tokyo)

Source & Image: natalie


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