Oshima Yuko to become a detective in new TBS drama

February 18, 2015 @ 1:55 am
by Shiso
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Former AKB48 member Oshima Yuko (26) will be starring in upcoming TBS drama "Yamegoku ~Yakuza Yamete Itadakimasu~." This is her first time taking on a lead role for serial drama.

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The protagonist is Nagamitsu Bakushu (Oshima), a detective in charge of "helpline for people trying to depart from Yakuza organization (commonly called 'Ashinuke Call')" which belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Organized Crime Division, Section 3.  Tagging up with her partner, she helps the members of Yakuza who want to quit their lives of crime. 

As Oshima's role is a detective who confronts the huge organization, action scenes will be one of the highlights of the drama. So, she will develop her physical strength using Aikido as the base, and will also take a lesson for swordfights. The cast member to play Oshima's partner will be announced later date.

Reportedly, her role ,"Baishu", has lost her smile due to a certain incident which also made her into a ruthless person. According to Oshima, the role is the exact opposite from her real self. She then said jokingly, "I rarely act cold to others, so maybe I should live as a cold person from now on." 

The drama is directed by Tsutsumi Yukihiko ("SPEC", "Trick", "Keizoku"), and Sakurai Takeharu ("Aibou" series) is in charge of the scenario.

"Yamegoku ~Yakuza Yamete Itadakimasu~" will begin airing in April on TBS (every Thursday at 9:00 pm).

Source: Chunichi Sports
Image: Oricon


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