Azuma Takahiro & Yasu Megumi become parents

March 18, 2015 @ 5:02 pm
by ustar
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It's been reported that comedian Azuma Takahiro and talento Yasu Megumi have welcomed their first child.

The couple made the announcement on March 17 via a fax release to the press through their agencies. In the fax statement, Azuma announced the birth of their baby girl saying, "Our Yasu-san did a good job!! She weighs 3158 grams (6 lbs 15 oz) and is 50 cm (approx. 20 inches) tall.

He also revealed that his daughter resembles his father, comedian Azuma Hachiro, "She was born healthily with a loud first cry and shout. Right now, she doesn't look like her mom nor dad, but [she looks like] Hachiro.

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He continued, "From now on, the two of us will make strenuous efforts to raise our first child. Please continue to support us and our child.

Azuma asked comedian Hagimoto Kinichi to name their daughter. She received the name "Uta" and they came up with the kanji for it. 

Congratulations to the new parents!

Source: Oricon


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