Mizuki Alisa gets married to the president of a construction related company

March 24, 2015 @ 3:10 pm
by ustar
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Actress Mizuki Alisa (38) has announced her marriage to Aoyama Koji (42), the president of a construction related company.

In a handwritten message, Mizuki revealed that she submitted her marriage registration on March 21. You can read the translated message below.

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"I apologize for this personal matter, but I would like to announce that I, Mizuki Alisa, have registered my marriage withKRH & COMPANY, LIMITED's president and representative director Aoyama Koji-san on March 21, 2015.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone for their consideration of my marriage. Without forgetting this feeling of gratitude, I will devote myself to push forward in both my public and private lives, and walk forward in this new life.

Please continue to guide me and encourage me as before."

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Source & Image: Oricon


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