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V6 & Hey! Say! JUMP chosen to be the main personalities for this year's 24hour TV

April 7, 2015 @ 2:55 am
by Shiso
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It was announced that V6 and Hey! Say! JUMP have been chosen to be the main personalities for NTV's "24Hour Television 38 : Love Saves the Earth". 

As "2-generation personalities", they will team up for the annual telethon.

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V6 has served as the program personality back in 2000, and member Morita Go has run 100 kilometers as the charity marathon runner, but this marks the very first time for Hey! Say! JUMP to participate in the program as a personality. 

It was also announced that the theme for this year will be "Tsunagu ~Toki wo Koete Egao wo~ (lit. 'Join smiles beyond the time')".

By "joining" various things together, such as lives, dreams, friendship, or tradition, as its keyword, they will introduce many stories in the program.

V6's Sakamoto Masayuki commented, "First of all, us personalities, people co-starring, and many staff members need to get together, and then we hope to become one with people all over Japan through '24Hour TV'."

Source & Image: Sports Hochi + Oricon


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