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Nishino Kana reveals collaboration video with 'Heroine Disqualified'

August 15, 2015 @ 10:23 am
by ustar
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Nishino Kana has collaborated with movie 'Heroine Disqualified' (original: 'Heroine Shikkaku') for the PV for her new song "Torisetsu". 

'Heroine Disqualified' is a love comedy that's based on an original comic by Kouda Momoko. Scheduled to drop in theaters on September 19, the movie stars Kiritani Mirei as the heroine, a high schooler named 'Matsuzaki Hatori'.

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The collaboration PV plays the theme song "Torisetsu" in the background while displaying scenes from the movie and manga. You can check it out below!

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