AKB48's Nishiyama Rena & HKT48's Umemoto Izumi announce graduation

December 18, 2015 @ 10:27 am
by ustar
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More members of the AKB groups have announced their graduation. This time, it's AKB48 Team A's Nishiyama Rena and HKT48 Team H's Umemoto Izumi.

Nishiyama announced her graduation on December 16 during a stage performance at AKB48 Theater. Her graduation concert will be held on December 23 at the same venue. 

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Similarly, Umemoto made the announcement on December 16 during a concert at HKT48 Theater. She explained, "I have a new dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. I want to continue my education in order to study music." Umemoto's graduation concert is scheduled for December 27 at HKT48 Theater.

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