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Furukawa Yuki and Kamiki Ryunosuke take a purikura together

March 8, 2016 @ 10:31 am
by ustar
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On March 8, actor Furukawa Yuki shared a purikura photo that he took with Kamiki Ryunosuke through his official Twitter account. The two actors co-star in the upcoming film 'Taiyou', which will open in theaters on April 23. 

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After appearing at a press conference on March 7, Furukawa and Kamiki received a lot of attention for their close friendship. The following morning, they made a VTR appearance on NTV's "Sukkiri!" where they reflected on the time they took purikura together. Kamiki shared, "We decided to stop somewhere for coffee. Then we found a purikura machine and thought, 'Let's take one!'" Furukawa added, "It was pretty fun."

Source & Image: Model Press


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