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HKT48 reveal release date & senbatsu members for new single

March 1, 2016 @ 10:11 am
by ustar
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HKT48's 7th single (currently untitled) will be released on April 13. Additionally, the senbatsu members have been announced.

This news was delivered on February 28 during the group's handshake event at Marine Messe Fukuoka. The 16 senbatsu members for their upcoming single are Kodama Haruka, Miyawaki Sakura, Sashihara Rino, Tashima Meru, Tomonaga Mio, Moriyasu Madoka, Kojina Yui, Matsuoka Natsumi, Tanaka Miku, Yabuki Nako, Anai Chihiro, Ota Aika, Sakaguchi Riko, Fuchigami Mai, Matsuoka Hana, and Tanaka Natsumi

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Kodama Haruka will serve as center, and this will be Tanaka Natsumi and Matsuoka Hana's first time in the senbatsu.

Source & Image: natalie


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· Posted March 4, 2016 @ 4:42 am

No Aanya again >3< seriously she's a 1st gen and awesome just why i love watching the mv's which has her in her charm is amazing


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· Posted March 1, 2016 @ 9:29 pm

Still no love for my Russian Monkey Murashige smh... Dont get why they dont push her anymore when she was a central core pillar in boosting their original popularity and the one they chose to keep when the chori and tani were sent away


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· Posted March 1, 2016 @ 2:12 pm

No Murashige again...fml 

The End