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Keyakizaka46's debut single to be titled 'Silent Majority'

March 9, 2016 @ 10:14 am
by ustar
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The title of Keyakizaka46's debut single has been revealed to be "Silent Majority". 

This was announced on March 7 during a press conference for "mechakari" for which Keyakizaka46 will serve as its CM character. The center will be the group's youngest member Hirate Yurina (14). 

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Keyakizaka46 will serve as CM characters even before their debut. "mechakari" is an app where you can rent fashion items from popular brands at a fixed amount. There are 21 different versions of the CM; one for each of the members.

"Silent Majority" will be released on April 6 in four different types: Type A-C and Regular Edition.

Source: Oricon


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