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Chatmonchy to release new double A-side single

September 30, 2016 @ 9:53 am
by ustar
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Chatmonchy will release a double A-side single, titled "majority blues / Kienai Hoshi," on November 30. 

Out of the two tracks, "majority blues" was picked up as the CM song for healthcare-related vocational schools Shuto Iko, Osaka Isen, and Nagoya Isen. Meanwhile, "Kienai Hoshi" is a number that was written for the movie 'Azumi Haruko wa Yukue Fumei.'

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In addition, this single will include "Tomaran," which was used as the official theme song for 'Tokushima Marathon 2016.' Furthermore, the limited edition will include a live version of "Kienai Hoshi" from their Nippon Budokan live last November. 

[majority blues / Kienai Hoshi]

01. majority blues
02. Kienai Hoshi
03. Tomaran
04. Kienai Hoshi?Akachan ver.??2015.11.11?Nippon Budokan??Limited Edition Only

Source & Image: natalie


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