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Hey! Say! JUMP reveals release date for new single 'Give Me Love'

October 18, 2016 @ 4:01 pm
by ustar
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Hey! Say! JUMP's new single "Give Me Love" will be released on December 14.

"Give Me Love" has been picked up as the theme song for Fuji TV's 'Getsu-9' drama 'Cain and Abel' starring member Yamada Ryosuke. It's described as a mellow R&B track that sings about life's troubles and love. This is Yamada's first 'Getsu-9' drama, and likewise, this isHey! Say! JUMP's first time providing a song for a 'Getsu-9' drama.

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The single will be released in three different versions: Limited Edition, Regular Edition First Press, and Regular Edition. Each edition will come with a different coupling song, and the Limited Edition will include a DVD.

[Give Me Love]

Limited Edition

01. Give Me Love
02. Untitled A
03. Untitled A?Original Karaoke?

??Give Me Love?

Regular Edition First Press

01. Give Me Love
02. Untitled B
03. Untitled C
04. UntitledB?Original Karaoke?
05. UntitledC?Original Karaoke?

Regular Edition

01. Give Me Love
02. UntitledD
03. UntitledE
04. Give Me Love?Original Karaoke?
05. UntitledD?Original Karaoke?
06. UntitledE?Original Karaoke?

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