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Kato Miliyah collaborates with haircare product 'Kao Essential'

October 27, 2016 @ 10:37 am
by ustar
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Kato Miliyah has started a collaboration with haircare product 'Kao Essential.' She has written the song "I AM" for its campaign, and the CM will begin airing on November 21. 

Miliyah has also designed the packaging for 'Essential', and this will be available for purchase in stores on November 21. There will be a serial number enclosed in the packaging that will allow you to listen to her new song. Furthermore, when you post news on social media related to this campaign, you will be able to get a listen of "HEART BEAT (SAMBA O Rei REMIX)."

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The website for 'Essential' is currently asking users to submit photos and comments that show their impressions of the product. The photos and comments will then be used to make the music video for "I AM."

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