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Koda Kumi to simultaneously release 2 albums

January 27, 2017 @ 7:56 am
by ustar
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Koda Kumi has announced she will come out with two brand new albums on March 8. 

Titled "W FACE ?inside?" and "W FACE ?outside?", the albums' concept is "two-faced" with intentions to show two different sides of the singer. Her new artist photo also depicts this concept; half of her face with a mild expression representing "W FACE ?inside?" and the other half represents "W FACE ?outside?" with a powerful expression. 

"On my way", which is included in "W FACE ?inside?", has been picked up as the theme song for Fuji TV's drama "Mahiru no Akuma" starring Tanaka Rena

On the singer's official website, you can get a listen of "W FACE", one of the tracks of "W FACE ?outside?".

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[W FACE ?inside?]


02. Bring It On 
03. Yorokobi no Kakera
04. Stand by you 
05. Suki Deshite
06. Kimi Omoi 
07. On my way 
08. What's Up 
09. Promise you 
10. My fun

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?Music Videos for 6 songs


[W FACE ?outside?]


01. W FACE
02. Ultraviolet 
03. insane
04. Damn real
05. Heartless
06. Bassline
07. Shhh!
08. Bangerang
09. WickedGirls
10. Cup cake

DVD / Blu-ray

?Music Videos for 6 songs

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