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Graduation concerts for NMB48's Jonishi Kei, Fujie Reina & Yabushita Shu to be held in April

February 8, 2017 @ 8:44 am
by ustar
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The date and venue for NMB48 members Jonishi Kei, Fujie Reina, and Yabushita Shu's graduation concerts have been announced. 

This surprise announcement was made on February 7 during SHOWROOM's program 'NMB48 no Oshirase Namahousou!'. Jonishi's graduation concert will be held on April 10th followed by Yabushita's on the 11th, then finally Fujie's on the 17th. All concerts will be held at Orix Theater in Osaka. Fujie will also hold a graduation concert on April 14th at Ichikawa City Cultural Hall in her hometown of Chiba. 

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Mita Mao also made an appearance on the program, but reassured viewers by stating that she would not be graduating. 

Jonishi Kei Graduation Concert

Monday, April 10 - Orix Theater (Osaka)

Yabushita Shu Graduation Concert

Tuesday, April 11 - Orix Theater (Osaka)

Fujie Reina Graduation Concert

Friday, April 14 - Ichikawa City Cultural Hall (Chiba)
Monday, April 17 - Orix Theater (Osaka)

Source & Image: natalie


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