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Nishino Kana to release Tokyo Dome concert on DVD/Blu-ray + hold hall tour

January 10, 2018 @ 3:10 am
by ustar
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Nishino Kana will release a live DVD/Blu-ray titled "Kana Nishino Dome Tour 2017: Many Thanks" on February 21.

This will feature Nishino's Tokyo Dome concert from her first dome tour held last August and September. Its first press edition will include an official photo book.

In addition, Nishino will hold her nationwide hall tour "LOVE it Tour" from May to July to commemorate her 10th anniversary. It will kick off on May 19 at Ichihara-shi Shimin Kaikan in Chiba Prefecture with the finale on July 25 at Nitori Bunka Hall in Hokkaido. Members of the singer's official fan club will be able to pre-reserve tickets from January 11 to 22.

The tour schedule can be seen below the cut.

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[LOVE it Tour]

Saturday, May 19 - Ichihara-shi Shimin Kaikan (Chiba)

Thursday, May 24 - Kanazawa Kagekiza (Ishikawa)

Friday, May 25 - Aubade Hall (Toyama)

Tuesday, May 29 - Akita Kenmin Kaikan (Akita)

Thursday, May 31 - Yamagin Hall (Yamagata)

Friday, June 1 - Morioka Shimin Bunka Hall (Iwate)

Monday, June 4 - Ibaraki Kenritsu Kenmin Bunka Center (Ibaraki)

Tuesday, June 5 - Utsunomiya-shi Bunka Kaikan (Utsunomiya)

Friday, June 8 - Colony Bunka Hall (Yamanashi)

Tuesday, June 12 - Rome Theater Kyoto (Kyoto)

Wednesday, June 13 - Shiga Kenritsu Gekijou (Shiga)

Friday, June 15 - Wakayama Kenmin Bunka Kaikan (Wakayama)

Saturday, June 16 - Nara 100-nen Kaikan (Nara)

Tuesday, June 19 - Saga-shi Bunka Kaikan (Saga)

Wednesday, June 20 -iichiko Sogo Bunka Center (Oita)

Friday, June 22 - Miyazaki Shimin Bunka Hall (Miyazaki)

Friday, June 29 - Okinawa Convention Center (Okinawa)

Saturday, June 30 - Okinawa Convention Center (Okinawa)

Friday, July 13 - Himegin Hall (Ehime)

Saturday, July 14 - Kochi Kenritsu Kenmin Bunka Hall (Kochi)

Tuesday, July 17 - Torigin Bunka Kaikan (Tottori)

Wednesday, July 18 - Shimane Kenmin Kaikan (Shimane)

Friday, July 20 - Sendai Sun Plaza Hall (Miyagi)

Saturday, July 21 - Sendai Sun Plaza Hall (Miyagi)

Tuesday, July 24 - Nitori Bunka Hall (Hokkaido)

Wednesday, July 25 - Nitori Bunka Hall (Hokkaido)

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