Ohara Sakurako graduates from Nihon University

March 27, 2018 @ 3:22 am
by ustar
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On March 25, singer/actress Ohara Sakurako announced her graduation from Nihon University's College of Art. 

Ohara announced, "Today is Nihon University, College of Art's graduation ceremony. I am graduating!" The actress is currently in the middle of filming for the movie 'Ano Hi no Orugan' so she was unable to participate in the ceremony. "Among the film staff, there are graduates from Nihon University's College of Art as well as current instructors. I am especially happy to spend this day surrounded by my seniors," she said.

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She continued, "These past four years, I learned about film and acting. The knowledge and friendship I've gained are my lifetime treasures." Finally, she expressed, "To my friends, thank you for the bond beyond friends. I hope we will continue to be friends forever. To my teachers, thank you for supporting me although I was cheeky and stubborn. Also, I'm sorry for causing many troubles. To my teachers who supported my work from the bottom of their hearts, thank you very much. Finally, to my parents, thank you for letting me go to college. Four years ago, you really pushed me to go to college no matter what. Dad, mom, and sister, thank you for your teamwork in fighting this battle.


Source & Image: Model Press


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