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Naoto Inti Raymi to release a new single on 'Naoto Day'

April 10, 2018 @ 3:16 am
by ustar
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Naoto Inti Raymi will release his 20th single "Untitled / Shiori" on 'Naoto Day' on July 10. 

One of the title tracks "Shiori" has been picked up as the theme song for TV Tokyo's upcoming drama 'Shitsuji Saionji no Meisuiri' (starts April 13). In addition to "Shiori," the single will come with two brand new songs that are currently untitled as well as its instrumental versions. 

The single will be released in both limited and regular editions. The limited edition DVD will include PVs for previously released singles. 

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[Untitled / Shiori]


01. Untitled 1
02. Shiori
03. Untitled 2
04. Untitled 1?Instrumental?
05. Shiori?Instrumental?
06. Untitled 2?Instrumental?

Limited Edition DVD:

?Music videos for previously released singles

Source & Image: natalie


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