Oguri Shun & Sugisaki Hana play siblings in 'Hondashi' CM

May 10, 2018 @ 3:18 am
by ustar
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Oguri Shun and Sugisaki Hana co-star in the new CM for Ajinomoto's 'Hondashi' as brother and sister. 

In the CM, Sugisaki is the younger sister who recently joined a company. She visits her elder brother's (Oguri) home, and they have a bowl of hot miso soup together. 

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In an interview, Oguri praised Sugisaki saying, "If I had a younger sister like her, I would spoil her so much." He continued, "If I was living alone and my younger sister came to visit me, I would be so happy. I shot the CM thinking that it would be nice to have a younger sister.

Meanwhile, Sugisaki reflected, "I'm an only child, and I've always wanted siblings. I was a little jealous."

Source & Image: Cinema Today


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