Tamaki Hiroshi & Kinami Haruka announce their marriage

June 29, 2018 @ 3:02 am
by ustar
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Actor Tamaki Hiroshi (38) and actress Kinami Haruka (32) have officially announced their marriage. 

On his official website, Tamaki wrote, "It's already been reported, but I, Tamaki Hiroshi, have married Kinami Haruka-san. We are both inexperienced, but from now on, we hope to support each other as family. Cherishing our experiences, we will work even harder, so please continue to support us."

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Meanwhile, Kinami updated her Twitter and Instagram accounts saying, "Due to various reasons, I am very sorry that my announcement is late. The other day, I registered my marriage with Tamaki Hiroshi-san. I happily read all of the congratulatory messages from everybody. Thank you very very much. I hope to build a happy family and have lots of takoyaki parties."

Both agencies confirmed the reports a week ago that Tamaki and Kinami would be tying the knot. 


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