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ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D to release new album including 'Yowamushi Pedal' theme songs

July 11, 2018 @ 3:30 am
by ustar
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ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D is coming out with a new album, titled "The Sun Also Rises," on September 12.

The band's first album in six years will feature a total of 14 tracks including the opening themes for anime 'Yowamushi Pedal,' "Reclimb" and "Remind," as well as the ending theme "Realize." Its limited edition will come with a DVD containing the PV and making-of footage for their new song "Revive." 

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[The Sun Also Rises]

01. Reclimb?Album ver.??
02. party up!!?
03. Revival?
04. Tetsu-wadachi-?
05. Moratorium
06. Remind?Album ver.? 
07. ever since
08. Light a Fire?
09. Fight against yourself
10. Wake up yourmind,Get back your loss back
11. self hated?
12. Fight song?
13. Breathing
14. Realize?Album ver.?

Source & Image: natalie


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