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Yamashita Tomohisa to sing new opening theme for anime 'Gyakuten Saiban'

September 25, 2018 @ 3:15 am
by ustar
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Yamashita Tomohisa's new song "Never Lose" will be used as the new opening theme for Season 2 of anime 'Gyakuten Saiban~Sono Shinjitsu, Igi Ari!~ Season 2' beginning on October 6.

The anime is based on Capcom's adventure game 'Gyakuten Saiban.' The ending theme will behalca's new song "Starting Blue."

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"Never Lose" will not be included in Yamashita's new album "UNLEASHED" to be released on November 28. Instead, it will be released as his new single early next year. More details will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

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