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Johnny's WEST's new album to be released in December

October 27, 2018 @ 3:40 am
by ustar
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Johnny's WEST's new album "WESTV!" will be released on December 5. 

The group's fifth album will feature a mixture of ballads and upbeat tunes. The limited edition will come with a DVD containing footage of the members enjoying a barbecue and campfire as well as challenging a short skit written by comedian Kawashima Akira (Kirin). In addition, the regular edition will include three bonus tracks.

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As reported earlier, Johnny's WEST will set out on a nationwide tour next year in commemoration of this album's release.


01. We are WEST!!!!!!!
02. Untitled
03. Principal no Kimi e
04. WESTV?Shopping?Part 1
05. Kangaeruna, Moero!!
06. Ai no Dorei
07. Dragon Dog
08. WESTV?Shopping?Part 2
09. Drift!!
10. Y.S.S.B.
11. WESTV?Shopping?Part 3
12. Bokura Kyou mo Ikiteiru
13. Akai Muffler
14. Start Dash!
15. Untitled?Vocal?Nakama Junta?Fujii Ryusei???Regular Edition Only?
16. Untitled?Vocal?Kiriyama Akito?Kotaki Nozomu???Regular Edition Only?
17. Untitled?Vocal?Shigeoka Daiki?Hamada Takahiro?Kamiyama Tomohiro???Regular Edition Only?

Source & Image: natalie


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