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IZ*ONE to make their Japan debut in February

December 6, 2018 @ 3:21 am
by ustar
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As you know, HKT48 members Miyawaki Sakura and Yabuki Nako, and AKB48's Honda Hitomi are currently on break in order to commit themselves to their activities in Japanese-Korean girls group IZ*ONE. At this time, it's been announced that the group will be making their Japanese debut from EMI Records on February 6. 

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IZ*ONE is an idol group that formed through the audition program 'PRODUCE 48,' which was a collaboration project between the Korean broadcast station Mnet and AKB48 Groups. Their debut album "COLOR*IZ," which was released in October, topped the charts in ten countries. More details on their Japan debut will be announced later.

Source & Image: natalie


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