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Johnny's WEST's first single of 2019 to be a double A-side

December 12, 2018 @ 3:49 am
by ustar
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Johnny's WEST will release a double A-side single called "Homechigirisuto / Kizudarake no Ai" on January 30. 

Among the two title tracks, "Homechigirisuto" is an energetic number in which the members praise people who do their best everyday. Meanwhile, "Kizudarake no Ai" is currently being used as the opening theme for anime 'Captain Tsubasa,' and it portrays the feelings of someone who is deeply in love. 

The single will be released in Limited Editions A & B, and a Regular Edition. The Limited Edition A DVD will contain the PV and making-of video for "Homechigirisuto," and the DVD for Limited Edition B will contain the videos for "Kizudarake no Ai." Furthermore, the Regular Edition will include two additional songs "Osaka Tokoton Dance" and "Bare Valentine" as the coupling tracks. 

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[Limited Edition A]


01. Homechigirisuto
02. Kizudarake no Ai
03. Homechigirisuto?Original Karaoke?
04. Kizudarake no Ai?Original Karaoke?


?"Homechigirisuto" Music Video & Making

[Limited Edition B]


01. Kizudarake no Ai

02. Homechigirisuto

03. Kizudarake no Ai?Original Karaoke?

04. Homechigirisuto?Original Karaoke?


?"Kizudarake no Ai" Music Video & Making

[Regular Edition]

01. Homechigirisuto
02. Kizudarake no Ai
03. Osaka Tokoton Dance
04. Bare Valentine

Source & Image: natalie


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