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Yuzu to hold dome tour in spring

December 20, 2018 @ 3:01 am
by ustar
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Yuzu will hold a dome tour called 'Yuzu Hikigatari Dome Tour 2019 Yuzu Nomi' starting in May.

The two made the announcement on December 19 when they made a live appearance onAbemaTV. Kitagawa Yujinannounced, "We talked it over with the staff, and we, Yuzu, have made a big decision. Next spring, we will hold the first dome tour in Japanese history where we sing toour ownaccompaniment."

Prior to this announcement, Yuzu had said that they would be making an important announcement regarding their activities. Iwasawa Koji commented, "We apologize for causing trouble!"

For the upcoming tour, Yuzu is scheduled to perform eight shows in four different locations. Check out the tour dates below!

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[Yuzu Hikigatari Dome Tour 2019 Yuzu Nomi]

Saturday, May 11 - Nagoya Dome (Aichi)

Sunday, May 12 - Nagoya Dome (Aichi)

Wednesday, May 29 - Tokyo Dome (Tokyo)

Thursday, May 30 - Tokyo Dome (Tokyo)

Saturday, June 8 - Kyocera Dome Osaka (Osaka)

Sunday, June 9 - Kyocera Dome Osaka (Osaka)

Saturday, July 6 - Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome (Fukuoka)

Sunday, July 7 - Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome (Fukuoka)

Source & Image: natalie


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