BUMP OF CHICKEN to provide theme song for drama 'Good Wife'

January 5, 2019 @ 3:07 am
by ustar
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BUMP OF CHICKEN will be in charge of the theme song for the TBS drama 'Good Wife' premiering on January 13. 

'Good Wife' is a brand new drama starring Tokiwa TakakoKoizumi KotaroMizuhara KikoKitamura Takumi (//DISH), Takito KenichiHakata HanamaruKaku ChikakoYoshida Kotaro, and Karasawa Toshiaki. Tokiwa plays 'Hasumi Kyoko,

a woman who quits her job as a lawyer and spends 16 years as a housewife. However, her husband 'Hasumi Soichiro' (Karasawa), the chief director of Tokyo District Public Prosecutor Office's special investigations unit, is arrested on suspicion of corruption and also has some problem with women. To protect her children, Kyoko decides to make her comeback as a lawyer.

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The theme song to be provided by BUMP OF CHICKEN is "Aurora", which was written by Fujiwara Motoo. The band worked on the song after they received the offer by director Tsukahara Ayuko and producer Higashinaka Keigo

Source & Image: natalie


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