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SCANDAL announce release of first single from private label

January 29, 2019 @ 3:29 am
by ustar
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SCANDAL will release a double A-side single "Masterpiece / Mabataki" on March 27 as the first work to be released from their private label 'her.' 

"Masterpiece" is described as a positive rock tune about new beginnings and a hope for the future. The band has already performed this during last year's Zepp tour 'SCANDAL TOUR 2018: Kanshasai' and had been talked about amongst their fans. Meanwhile, "Mabataki" was written and composed by RINA (Dr, Vo), and is said to be a song opposite of "Masterpiece." 

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The single will be available for purchase in Limited Editions A & B and a Regular Edition. Limited Edition A will come with a 36-page magazine called "her Magazine," while Limited Edition B will enclose a t-shirt.

To commemorate the single's release, the band will hold an in-store event on March 26. One member will visit a Tower Records Store in Hokkaido, Miyagi, Aichi, and Fukuoka, and will serve as the manager for the day. Additionally, there will be a listening event on March 27 at CLUB CITTA' (Kanagawa) and a discussion event on April 1 at Abeno Q's Mall (Osaka). 

[Limited Edition A]

[Limited Edition B]

[Regular Edition]

Source & Images: natalie


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