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Yamamoto Sayaka kicks off her solo activities with a tour

January 2, 2019 @ 3:01 am
by ustar
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Yamamoto Sayaka, who graduated from NMB48 in November, has officially started her solo activities. She will be holding a nationwide tour titled 'I'm ready' from February to June.

This is actually Yamamoto's third solo tour (2016, 2017). The upcoming tour will kick off on February 23 in Saitama, and will wrap up on June 2 in Okinawa for a total of 27 shows.

Check out the tour schedule below the cut!

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[Yamamoto Sayaka "I'm ready"]

Saturday, February 23 -HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama ShintoshinVJ-3 (Saitama)

Sunday, February 24 - Chiba LOOK (Chiba)

Thursday, February 28 -BEAT STATION (Fukuoka)

Saturday, March 2 - KumamotoB.9 V1 (Kumamoto)

Sunday, March 3 -DRUM Be-7 (Nagasaki)

Thursday, March 7 -CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM (Okayama)

Saturday, March 9 -CARAVAN SARY (Kochi)

Sunday, March 10 - Takamatsu Olive Hall (Kagawa)

Thursday, March 14 - Hiroshima Second Crutch (Hiroshima)

Sunday, March 17 - ShigaU?STONE (Shiga)

Thursday, March 21 -MAIRO (Toyama)

Friday, March 22 - KanazawaEIGHT HALL (Ishikawa)

Tuesday, March 26 -NAGANO CLUB JUNK BOX (Nagano)

Wednesday, March 27 -NIIGATA LOTS (Niigata)

Sunday, March 31 -HEAVEN'S ROCK Utsunomiya VJ-2 (Tochigi)

Thursday, April 4 -HIPSHOT JAPAN (Fukushima)

Saturday, April 6 -Club Change WAVE (Iwate)

Sunday, April 7 -Rensa (Miyagi)

Tuesday, April 9 -Zepp Sapporo (Hokkaido)

Monday, April 22 -Zepp Fukuoka (Fukuoka)

Wednesday, April 24 -Zepp Fukuoka (Fukuoka)

Thursday, April 25 -Zepp Nagoya (Aichi)

Monday, May 13 -Zepp Nagoya (Aichi)

Tuesday, May 14 -Zepp Tokyo (Tokyo)

Monday, May 27 -Zepp Tokyo (Tokyo)

Tuesday, May 28 -Zepp Namba (Osaka)

Sunday, June 2 - Sakurazaka Central (Okinawa)

Source & Image: natalie


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