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Flower to release new album, 'F'

February 23, 2019 @ 3:06 am
by ustar
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Flower will release their first album in four years, titled "F," on March 27. 

The title track "F" was written and composed by vocalist Washio Reina in collaboration with Kanata Okajima. It's a ballad number about "song" and "friendship" that Washio felt through her activities in Flower. It will be available for download beginning February 27.

Besides this, the album will include their singles "Taiyou no Aitoka," "MOON JELLYFISH," "Monochrome," and "Colorful" as well as their uptempo tune "My Joe" and a cover of Crystal Kay's "Boyfriend -part II-." The limited edition will come with a Blu-ray of DVD containing four music videos. 

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[Limited Edition]

[Regular Edition]

[Track List]


01. Kurenai no Dress??
02. Taiyou no Aitoka
03. Sokorahen ni Yokuaru Hanashi
05. Monochrome
06. Colorful
07. Totemo Fukai Green
08. Mada Suki Dakara
09. My Joe
10. Stranger
11. Boyfriend -part II-?
12. F?

DVD or Blu-ray:

01. Monochrome?Music Video?
02. MOON JELLYFISH?Music Video?
03. Taiyou no Aitoka?Music Video?
04. Kurenai no Dress?Music Video?
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